AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for August 7, 2022: Potty Talk

We’ll start with Number Two: One of the biggest factors related to behavioral issues in nursing homes (and may therefore be the case in acute care settings with your patients who have dementia) is constipation. Since it can be very difficult to use a bedpan for bowel movements on the best of days, helping a patient walk and transfer to the toilet can help prevent constipation, and in turn prevent some of the behaviors that can result from the pain and discomfort of being constipated.

For Number One (and Number Two):  Use “proactive toileting.” For patients with dementia, nursing staff can prompt patients to use the bathroom regularly and assist them to the toilet if needed.  It can help to use a consistent schedule. If a patient is restless in bed, they may need to use the bathroom and cannot verbalize that, so take a walk to the toilet with them and see if they need to go.

Have a great week!

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