AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for May 7, 2023: Could your team use some “Lasso Leadership”?

“Taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, isn’t it? If you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.”—Ted Lasso

If you’ve seen the much-loved hit show “Ted Lasso,” you know it’s brimming with wisdom and insight cloaked in humor and silliness. There’s a lot to be learned about leadership, as this small-town American college football coach heads to London to coach a struggling soccer team—a sport he knows nothing about. His ability to lead his team and earn their respect, however, wins the hearts of those around him.

We all have an opportunity to be leaders in some way, no matter what our title is, and this article highlights some of the leadership traits of Coach Lasso—traits that we can use to lead teams more compassionately and effectively. Here are few key points from the article:

  • Great leaders are willing to feel vulnerable. There is a strong link between vulnerability and courage. When was the last time you told your team that you made a mistake, or were struggling with something, or didn’t know the answer to a problem and needed help?
  • Great leaders are okay with being the “bad guy” when they have to be. Sometimes leaders have to make decisions that are best for the team, even if it frustrates everyone else. Do you ever feel guilty when you’ve made an unpopular decision, even though you know it’s for the wellbeing of your team and/or patients?
  • Great leaders focus on others’ intentions, not their actions alone. Consider why people do what they do. Coach Lasso sees his team members for who they are and is committed to investing in their professional and personal development, even when they make mistakes. Think about a time when an action by a colleague upset you. Do you understand why they did what they did? Were they doing what they thought was best at the time?
  • Great leaders see the value in self-care. This is especially important for healthcare staff! Do things that improve your mental and physical health to protect you from burnout. When was the last time you did something just for you? How can you encourage others on your team to practice self-care?

Read the full article here:

Have a great week!

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