AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for April 30, 2023: Steps to Maintain Function-900 to be Exact!

See the flyer below twhich shows how 900 steps per day can help your patients maintain their function while in the hospital. As you motivate patients to get out of bed and walk, this can help you teach them why walking is so important. Also below is a flyer that describes two patients—Betty Bedbound and Wanda Walksalot—and how the different approaches to their mobility significantly impacts their lives once they are discharged from the hospital. Thanks to Elliot Health System for sharing these great resources.

Finally, please complete this very brief survey to let us know how you use these weekly tidbits, and if you’d like to continue receiving them. We’ve added a place to include your email address so we know who to keep on our list and who to remove. Here’s a link to tidbit survey:

Have a great week!

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