AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for April 9, 2023: Easy Capability Test for Patients

Today we’re sharing a simple-to-use capability test to help you quickly determine how much your patients can do when you and your team are performing function focused care. Click on the “Download” link below to access the one-page tool.

The test measures four things: upper body range of motion, lower body range of motion, ability to stand independently, and ability to follow directions. It only takes five to ten minutes to do, and uses a simple scoring system–the higher the score, the higher the capability of the patient. You can use the results of this test to guide how much a patient can participate in their own dressing, grooming and bathing. For example, will role modeling and cueing suffice, or will the patient require hand-over-hand care and other modifications? Remember that every patient can do something, and this test helps you learn what kind and how much assistance they need to do it.

To help increase use of the tool, try the “see one, do one, teach one” model. First, ask a colleague to watch you perform the test on a patient or another team member so they see how it’s done, then ask that colleague to perform the test on another patient or team member. Finally, ask that same team member to teach the test to someone else, and so on. Your interventionist can show you how to perform the test on their next visit as well.

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