AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for April 2, 2023: Family Visits Bring Opportunities

Hello everyone,

This week’s Easter and Passover holidays may bring extra family visitors to your unit. Use it as an opportunity to engage and teach them about Function Focused Care (FFC) and how it benefits their loved ones by helping them maintain their function, strength and independence.

Demonstrate how you use cuing and role modeling with your patients to help them participate in their own dressing, grooming, and eating and how you help them get out of bed and into a chair or go for a walk. If they see you doing this with their loved one, they may be more likely to continue practicing FFC after discharge. Encourage them to ask questions and share with them all the benefits of staying as active and mobile as possible during a hospital stay. This is a holiday gift that keeps on giving!

Have a Great Week!

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