AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for March 19, 2023: Don’t Give up on FFC

Did you miss us last week? You might have noticed that we didn’t send a tidbit —there were a few good reasons why, but nobody likes excuses, right? The thing is, we’re back now and ready to pick up where we left off.

Speaking of picking up and moving forward, when you’re trying to perform Function Focused Care (FFC) with your patients, do you sometimes hit a “bump in the road” where you feel like you haven’t done as much as you could have? Or faced challenges that you weren’t sure how to overcome? It happens to everyone, and it’s not a reason to give up on FFC altogether.

Take moment to reflect on a few opportunities you have missed to encourage a patient to get out of bed and walk or participate more in their morning care. Consider what prevented you from performing FFC, and what you could have done differently. By identifying the barriers you faced and thinking about how you could have overcome them, you’ll more ready to set yourself up for success next time!

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