AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for February 19, 2023: Simple Sit-to-Stands Can Have Big Rewards

Helping your patients do sit-to-stands each day can help them maintain their ability to transfer, and make your job easier too! Sit-to-stands are simply the action of standing up from a seated position and sitting down in a controlled manner. Patients can use the hallway handrail for balance when standing and sitting if needed. Start by doing a few, then try to do a several more each session. Singing or playing a song while engaging the patient in the sit-to-stand activity (see temptation bundling tidbit from last week!) can help motivate reluctant patients to participate. Also, remind patients that by doing these exercises, this can help them more easily transfer on and off the toilet (nobody likes bedpans) and into and out of bed.

A study from 2015 found that nursing home residents with dementia who performed sit-to-stands daily with the help of nursing aides during day and evening shifts experienced less decline in mobility and functional outcomes. Read more about the study here:

In short—sit-to-stands are a simple, practical, no-cost way to help your patients maintain their strength and ability to transfer, and can therefore help you care for them more easily.

Have a great week!

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