AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for January 22, 2023: Conflicting Goals?

Do you sometimes feel torn between preventing patient falls and getting your patients up and walking? You know that helping patients maintain their strength through mobility can help reduce their risk of falling when they return home. But, having a patient fall while walking is something everyone wants to avoid, especially as it can result in patient injury and a longer hospital stay.

Remember that your hospital has tools that can help you determine what level of mobility your patient can safely engage in. Once you determine this, you can help your patient mobilize to the level that is appropriate for them, while doing your best to keep them as strong as possible during their stay.  The UMOVE assessment is an example of one that is used in the University of Maryland hospital system. You and your team can consistently use this assessment (or a similar one at your hospital) and feel confident that you are safely engaging your patients in mobility.

The two goals of patient mobility and fall prevention do not have to be in conflict—they can both be achieved when the available tools are used, information is communicated, and team members work together!

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