AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for September 18, 2022: The Twelfth Man

Many of you have heard the expression, “the 12th man on the field,” referring to the role that fans play in football games. The fans are the cheerleaders and their support and encouragement can positively impact the motivation and momentum of the team. Don’t overlook the influence of the “12th man” on your healthcare team—the family members of your patients who can play a critical role in their loved one’s journey to improved strength, function and mobility.

Attached are three informative flyers that you can put in patients’ rooms, post on a bulletin board that visitors see, or share during conversations with patients and family members. These educational flyers explain why mobility is so important during recovery and demonstrate simple exercises patients can do help improve and maintain their strength, function, and mobility while in bed or sitting on a chair. These can also help reinforce the expectation that patients be physically active as part of the culture of “what we do here” on your unit, and show family members what they can do to help patients during their visits.

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