AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for August 28, 2022: Goal posts–and posting goals!

We’re on the brink of a new football season, and many of us can’t wait for the excitement of watching a football soar through yellow goal posts to win the game as the final seconds on the clock tick down.

For now though, instead of goal posts, let’s talk about posting goals. Do you know what your patient’s function focused care goals are? Who sets the goals? And what are the best ways to communicate these goals with your patient, their family and your team?

Goals should be specific to each patient, based on their baseline function (what could they do before coming to the hospital?), and current physical and cognitive capabilities. Consider setting goals as a team with the patient during bedside visits. Think about one long term goal, such as walking down the hall to the end, with short term goals to mark progress, such as first walking 2 doors down the hall, then 3 doors, etc.

Post a person’s physical activity and functional goals in their room, such as on a whiteboard, so the patient, their family, and everyone on their team knows what they are, and update them as they achieve the goals. Remember to acknowledge when goals are reached!  This can help motivate patients to move and stay engaged in their care.

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