AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for June 26, 2022: Purposeful Rounds Benefit Patients AND Staff

The goal of “purposeful hourly rounding” is to avoid what’s happening in the cartoon below, and instead be present with patients while getting ahead of potential problems before they occur (thereby decreasing call lights!). For example, purposeful rounding can help your team better communicate with patients and plan for toileting by setting up times where you will assist him/her to the bathroom to avoid last-minute urgency or potential falls.

This brief article describes how one Texas hospital successfully implemented purposeful hourly rounds and the benefits that followed:

The authors highlight 6 key Ps of Purposeful Hourly Rounds:

  • Potty
  • Pain
  • Position
  • Possessions (personal effects within reach)
  • Peaceful environment
  • Pick up (pick up trash near the patient’s bed or bedside tray)
  • Bonus “P”: Presence of nursing staff. Before our nurses enter a room, they are told to pause to take a minute to clear their mind and focus their attention solely on the patient. This allows them to use their time with their patients more effectively and the patients receive full attention. The art of presence enhances the nurse-patient interaction and draws on a model of true patient-centered caring (Sutterfield & Stern, 2002).”

In what ways can you and your team improve upon your hourly rounds with patients to help decrease call lights and nurse fatigue while improving patient care?

Have a great week!

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