AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for June 19, 2022: Times for Tough Love

Happy Juneteenth! And Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there too!

For some of you, your dad may have been the parent who doled out the tough love. Sometimes as nurses, we must show tough love with our patients too. For example, do you have a patient who keeps saying “no” to getting out of bed? How do you respond? You know that getting them out of bed (or at least moving in some way) is critical for a successful recovery, strength maintenance and transition back to home, but it can be difficult if you constantly face “NO—I’ll do it tomorrow” as a response. Certainly, learning what motivates a patient is the best way to start, such as if they want to get strong enough to attend a special family event, or be able to enjoy a hobby they love doing. But other times, a stern voice and a “we’re going to do this whether you want to or not” attitude can be the last remaining option.

It helps to educate family about the importance of getting their loved one up and moving. By gaining their support, everyone is on board and sending the same message to your patient—”We’re doing this! You’re getting up!” You may be surprised how often, once someone is finally up and out of bed, that they are glad they did it and it was fear or anticipatory anxiety that was really keeping them from trying. After they do it once, even though there may have been some yelling and upset, they may be more likely to do it again since they are over that initial hurdle and know that you will keep them safe.

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