AC FFC Tidbit of the Week for June 12, 2022: Collaborate with Colleagues for Mobility and More

Do your nurses and nursing assistants huddle together to plan their day? Taking a few minutes at the start of a shift to create a plan for the day can make it easier to get patients up and moving.

Huddle agenda suggestions (things to review, discuss and decide):

  • How much assistance does each patient need to get out of bed for meals, walk to the bathroom, or walk down the hall?
  • Who will assist with mobility on this shift? If this will be a shared responsibility, who will take the lead with each patient?
  • Does each patient have the equipment they need to ambulate, such as walker, already available in their rooms to save time getting these later?
  • Can we schedule times to get patients out of bed so we’re not trying to get everyone up at once when all the meals arrive?
  • For those patients who cannot get out of bed, what exercises can we do with them while in the room and who will lead this today?
  • What else would be helpful to plan together???

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