Tidbit of the Week for June 14, 2020: Reconnecting–Safely and Creatively

As long term care communities slowly reopen to visitors, keep in mind that meeting outdoors is likely the safer for your residents and their visitors, and the warmer June weather will help with this!

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) suggests opening outdoor courtyards to residents and visitors. If your facility doesn’t have a courtyard, consider using outdoor open spaces around the building such as parking lots or grassy areas under trees.  Remember that all visitors, residents, and employees should practice social distancing and wear masks. You likely will need to limit the number of people permitted in courtyards and place visual cues in outdoor spaces to guide social distancing, such as lines and the ground and chairs spaced apart with tables in between them.

Be sure to consult your local and state guidance when developing new approaches. You can read the full statement by AHCA below with additional ideas:

For some residents, it may take some extra effort from staff to motivate them to go outside again. Here’s a brief video with some tips by Dr. Elizabeth Galik on how to motivate residents to go outside:


Let us know how you and your residents are doing, and please send us your “Frontline Heroes” stories too!

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