Tidbit of the Week for May 17, 2020: Spotlight on Heroes Among Us!

We’d like to shine a light on long term care community staff and residents who are doing great things during this COVID-19 crisis!

This week, we give a special shout out to Sherry Stick, the Fitness & Aquatics Coordinator at Carroll Lutheran Village, who has recorded some wonderful exercise videos that her residents love, and that they can do in their rooms. One video uses exercise bands, and the other video includes range of motion exercises. Click on the YouTube links below to watch:

Click here for the Exercise Band class: https://youtu.be/I97W-WT1AyE 

Click here for a Range of Motion class: https://youtu.be/dBBsgKVqukc

Carroll Lutheran Village also received some positive media attention when Vivian Myers, a 104-year-old resident, recovered from COVID-19 and walked with her walker back to her old room in the health center! She had a staff member with her and another following behind in the wheelchair. Baltimore’s local CBS station covered Vivian’s story:

Nurses and other health officials lined the hallways as Myers left the rehab wing where she recovered. “Excitement. We all waited until everybody had time to stop, and we were cheering her on,” said Tara West, one of her nurses. “And I was like ‘Come on, you got to walk.’ She was like, ‘alright!’”

And walk she did, showing that residents and staff all have the potential to be resilient! Keep up the great work!

Would you like to share a story about a hero or heroes in your community?  Please email us and we’ll share it in a tidbit!

Have a great week!

Sherry Stick, instructor at Carroll Lutheran Village, demonstrates range of motion exercises in her wellness video.

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